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Rain Checks and Starting Time Policies

Blue Shamrock Rain Check Policy

Rain Checks will be issued to Blue Shamrock customers in the event of unforeseen inclement weather.

1 )  The rain checks will be issued based upon if you ply 5 holes or less you will recive a 18 hole Rain Check . 

2 ))  If you play more than 5 and less than 13 you will recive a 9 Hole Rain Check

3 ) If you play 13 Hiles or more  NO RAIN CHECK WILL BE ISSUED


  • Any round started in inclement weather, meaning it is raining when you begin your round, will not be entitled to a rain check.
  • If you have completed 9 holes, a rain check may not be issued dependent on course conditions, and the golf shop staff.

Blue Shamrock Inclement Weather Policy

Shelter Locations

  1. Right of 5 Fairway
  2. Right of 14 Fairway

If you see inclement weather approaching, immediately leave the golf course and head for the shelters or the clubhouse for safety 

Ponding of Water on Greens

Due to inclement weather, ponding of greens could occur.  If you experience this, please come into pro shop and wait until the course superintendent can determine if the course is playable.  Playing on standing water on greens can lead to major course damage

Dangerous situations 

If lightning is in the area, all play shall cease. Although the golf staff may warn players about lightning in the area, of which it is aware, the Club does not assume any duty to detect lightning and warn them. If Club personnel warn players about potential lightning in the area, players must stop play immediately.

If lightening is seen in the area, a horn blast will sound to clear the course.  It will be blown three times and you must leave the course immediately.  Once the threat of weather has cleared, a one long blast of the horn will sound all clear to begin play again

Blue Shamrock Starting Time Policy 

Blue Shamrock Golf Club will have reserved starting times from golf course opening throughout the day. We have an electronic tee sheet which will give you the ability to book tee times online through a link on the home page of the website as well as booking by phone or in person. The following policies for booking starting times will be in effect at Blue Shamrock:

  • Yearly golf program members only will be permitted to book reserved starting times up to 14 days in advance beginning at 7:00 am. Those yearly members are only permitted to fill in their group with other yearly members, not "public" play. Public players may fill out a group only up to 7 days in advance with those groups.

  • All public play groups will be permitted to book reserved starting times up to 7 days in advance beginning at 7:00 am.

  • If you are making your starting times by phone, please do not leave a phone message after hours, or if the lines are occupied by other callers. Those messages will not be honored. You must physically talk to a pro shop attendant to book the time.

  • All reserved starting times must be guaranteed by a credit card from the person intiating the reservation. Booking online will require setting up a profile that requires a credit card as part of the information needed. Phone call and walk in starting times will be required to give a credit card to hold the starting time.

  • Blue Shamrock has a strict 24 hour cancellation policy. If all or part of a reservation is not cancelled at least 24 hours in advance before the scheduled time, the full posted rate for the group will be charged to the credit card holding the reservation.

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