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                 The Mixed Cup Scramble is BACK!
                                                               ( See Sign Up Form Below for all Information )
       Along with the Turkey 2Man & 
                        our Great Fall Special             *Senior Special:  Monday thru Thursda Open - 1PM  
             Golf w/cart, a Soft Drink or Beer & a Hot Dog for: $36
     *Weekdays before 1pm: $5 OFF Regular GREEN FEES
           *Weekends before 2pm: $5 OFF GREEN FEES             
                        *offer good from Sept. 27th thru Oct. 18th, 2020
                        (* Not Valid on Friday thru Monday of Columbus Day Weekend and not valid with any other promotions )                   _____________________________ Screenshot 20200923 150231 Gallery                                 
                                                  Covid-19 Restrictions still in Place
                                       Please see all rules and regulations below
                                                                  IF YOU DO NOT FEEL WELL PLEASE STAY HOME!!!                                                                              All Golf Carts will be cleaned and sanitized after every round
                                      All Customers must stay in or around their own vehicle until BSGC employees releases them to the 1st tee.
                                                     Any golfer may request his/her own golf cart (at extra cost)
                                                    All Golfers are asked to bring their own personal sanitizer with them
                                                All groups on golf course must stay within a safe distance from group in front of them.
                                                       Flagsticks MUST remain in the hole at all times
                                          Only Paying Golfers will be allowed on property and must leave property upon finishing their round
                                                        Drinks will be available for take out only.NO FOOD AVAILABLE!
                                                           NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINK IS PERMITTED ON PROPERTY
                                                         OUTSIDE RESTROOMS WILL BE PROVIDED ON GOLF COURSE AND BY CLUBHOUSE
                                                            BSGC has the right to Add, Delete or Modify these Rules at anytime
                                             BSGC reserves the right to refuse or remove anyone who does not abide by these safety measures.
                                                        With the announcement from the Blue Shamrock GOLF CLUB, Golf can be played and
                                                            played safely at BSGC during the COVID-19 pandemic,
                                                                       but only if EVERYONE DOES THEIR PART in following these guidelines at all times                                                                    
                                        Thank you in advance for your understanding and                                cooperation in these difficult times  
                                                                       GOLF RATES

                                                WEEKDAY            OPEN to 1PM              $42

                                                     1pm to Close                          $34   
                                            WEEKENDS & Holidays        OPEN to 11am          $59
                                                     11am to 2pm                            $45
                                                    2pm to Close                           $35

                       Go to WWW.GOLFBLUESHAMROCK.COM


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